Virtual Furniture Works

CampaignPROS' virtual furniture sevice provides an innovative way to ‘spruce up’ properties without dramatically adding to your marketing costs. 


Bring unfurnished properties to life

Customised virtual furniture can energise unfurnished properties and create depth, colour and character in otherwise empty rooms, making them more attractive and inviting. Our team of expert graphic designers use their knowledge of interiors and imaging to insert furniture to your vacant property, creating realistic images of how the rooms would look if they had been professionally styled by an interior designer.

Benefits of using virtual furniture

Inserting furniture into the room helps buyers visualise the space once the furniture is placed. It make properties much more appealing, and leads to more positive responses to your marketing efforts.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars to hire real furniture, CampaignPROS' virtual furniture service is the cost-effective way to achieve great results.

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