The Difference is like Night and Day


Introducing CampaignPROS' lightboxes, designed to make an impact on your street day and night to draw attention to your property.

  • Automatic day/night sensor

  • Internal LED lights

Signboards are an important tool

Lightboxes increase the exposure of the property in the local community and alerts passive buyers that the property is on the market. It has become a part of the property buying experience, and buyers have come to expect a signboard at the front of the property when they conduct a search.


Advertise your brand

Lightboxes increase real estate agents’ personal exposure and brand recognition, and are essential for agents who want to advertise themselves and maximise leads. They can demonstrate that the agent is a trusted local expert by showcasing the real estate agents’ details, which can lead to both enquiries about the property and also leads for people looking to sell in the future.

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