PLUS Sized Signboards

Sometimes Bigger Really is Better


Make an impact

Introducing CampaignPROS’ PLUS sized range of Double Thick signboards, designed to make an impact on the street and draw attention to the property.

  • High gloss banner printed with a perfect wrap-around finish

  • Durable timber frame with a tough polycarbonate inner panel

  • Now available:

  • - 2.4m x 1.2m x 155mm LARGE PLUS Sign (Double Thick)

    - 1.8m x 1.2m x 155mm REGULAR PLUS Sign (Double Thick)


    - 2.4m x 1.2m x 155mm LARGE PLUS Lightbox (Double Thick)

    - 1.8m x 1.2m x 155mm REGULAR PLUS Lightbox (Double Thick)

Design online and incorporate seamlessly with our Photography and Floor Plan services

Instant landmark

A bigger and thicker board can serve as a great landmark to clearly show the location of the property and exactly where it is on the street. Perfect for properties on long streets or during auctions and open inspections to make the property easy to find.


More space for printing

The PLUS sized signboards offer more space on the sides of the board for printing, ideal for when you want extra sideways visibility or larger logos and graphics on the sides.

Up-Size Your Brand

PLUS sized signboards increase real estate agents’ personal exposure and brand recognition, and are essential for agents who want to advertise themselves and maximise leads. They can demonstrate that the agent is a trusted local expert by showcasing the real estate agents’ details, which can lead to both enquiries about the property and also leads for people looking to sell in the future.

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